These are the Morden College Values

Our greatest strength is the Charity’s diversity. This drives our person-centred culture and shapes the values that draw us together as a community.


We celebrate individuality and diversity and foster a culture of dignity where everyone feels safe and valued. We appreciate the different roles we each perform in strengthening our culture and making a positive impact on people’s lives within Morden College.


We are kind to each other. We create and nurture a supportive, inclusive environment where voices are heard, and individual choices are respected. We genuinely care for our colleagues, our residents, and their families.


We believe in everyone’s abilities and provide our people with opportunities to grow personally and professionally. We inspire each other to improve as individuals and as a community, and we encourage creativity and embrace new ideas.

We value education and develop our talent. We embrace technology and through collaboration, communication and teamwork we progress as individuals, and contribute to the long-term performance of the Charity.


We encourage the highest standards of individual behaviour in all that we do. We are personally accountable for our choices and our actions and are fully committed to the Charity’s mission and its successes.

Admissions Information

The Charity will not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, gender, creed, sexual orientation, or religion; we welcome applications from single people, married couples or those in partnerships. Qualifying individuals, or their next of kin, can apply to the Charity for accommodation in a flat for independent living. Once an individual has been accepted into the Charity as a ‘resident beneficiary’ they are automatically eligible to use all services, including those in our residential care home, after an assessment of the need for care has been made by our qualified staff.