Cullum Welch Court Residential Care Home

Forget Me Not at Cullum Welch Court is a safe, secure 12-bedroom household dedicated to supporting individuals living with dementia. The trained staff operate with a commitment to providing the very best care possible in a loving environment. On the ground floor, the Forget Me Not household has easy access to a secure sensory garden.

A Stimulating Space

Exclusive to Forget Me Not, and with direct but secure access, is a specially designed multi-zone sensory garden, with bright flowers, trickling water, space to relax and space to move, all within a controlled and considered environment and with care on hand. Meals can be eaten in the shade of the pergola.

The Magic Table

One of Forget Me Not household’s key pieces of ‘care’ equipment is the aptly named ceiling-mounted Magic Table; the Dutch-developed Tofertavel (one of just a handful in the UK) projects interactive images onto a table with which beneficiaries can engage, reminisce, and relax. Imagine a ‘player’ swiping a flower the size of a saucer and it grows to the size of the table, or a goldfish swims up an arm, or a bubble literally bursts when tapped. For beneficiaries with varying cognition, it is a revelation; initiative is not required, but it provokes reaction, relaxes, and brightens the day in a calm manner.

Admissions Information

The Charity will not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, gender, creed, sexual orientation, or religion; we welcome applications from single people, married couples or those in partnerships. Qualifying individuals, or their next of kin, can apply to the Charity for accommodation in a flat for independent living. Once an individual has been accepted into the Charity as a ‘resident beneficiary’ they are automatically eligible to use all services, including those in our residential care home, after an assessment of the need for care has been made by our qualified staff.