Cullum Welch Court Residential Care Home

The first floor in Cullum Welch Court covers residential, nursing and palliative care. Our highly qualified and trained staff include registered nurses, healthcare assistants, activity staff and an in-house physiotherapist. All our staff are directly employed and we never use agency staff, thereby ensuring continuity of care.

Care with compassion

Here at Morden College we don’t just care for older people. We care about them. We look after them as if they were our family. At Cullum Welch Court, our residential home for those who need that little bit extra ‘looking after’ (whether that’s as a result of physical frailty or mental decline), we offer full-time care in a tranquil, peaceful, secure setting. Our home is purpose-built, so despite the fact that we have nurses and carers permanently on duty and on call, the place does not feel like a hospital. Rooms are light and airy, corridors decorated with art, common spaces feel more like a hotel than a care home. Beneficiaries are encouraged to decorate and equip their en-suite bedrooms with their own furniture, artefacts, mementos or curiosities, thereby evoking feelings of home, their own personal space. As a result we have everything from naval memorabilia to African art, such is the diversity of extraordinary lives led (and still being led) by our beneficiaries.

A glowing endorsement

As a result of its April 2018 inspection, The Care Quality Commission said:
We could find no fault with Cullum Welch Court. People, and their relatives, told us that staff were kind, compassionate and caring. We saw that a positive interaction existed between people and staff, who understood the importance of respecting people’s dignity and privacy… There was clear and visible management presence and residents told us the service was well managed.

Help for the less able, and for family members

For some beneficiaries, getting out and about is not as easy as perhaps it once was; for those we offer a variety of daily guided exercise and activity sessions in our spacious first-floor lounge overlooking the village green – a chance to keep the body moving in a monitored and controlled fashion, as well as offering social interaction. For family members who are coming to see a relative, we have a small number of guest flats available so that the visit does not have to be quite as fleeting as otherwise might be the case. We have an in-house medical centre, an on-site GP surgery and a team of nurses, carers, chefs and housekeepers who are all dedicated to ensuring that every beneficiary is treated individually and is, as much as is possible, in control of his or her own decision making for as long as possible.

Admissions Information

The Charity will not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, gender, creed, sexual orientation, or religion; we welcome applications from single people, married couples or those in partnerships. Qualifying individuals, or their next of kin, can apply to the Charity for accommodation in a flat for independent living. Once an individual has been accepted into the Charity as a ‘resident beneficiary’ they are automatically eligible to use all services, including those in our residential care home, after an assessment of the need for care has been made by our qualified staff.