It was a friend who lives in Broadbridge Close that suggested Marguerite should apply to become a resident at Morden College. “‘Ooh, they won’t have me!’, I thought, but my son and daughter, who both live nearby, said why not – you’ve got nothing to lose.” One application and three interviews later saw Marguerite move in November 2016 into her cosy ‘up’ flat in the Quadrangle, the original building built by John Morden in 1695.
“I lived in north London as a child, then moved to south London and retired to Gravesend, so it really feels as if I’ve moved home,” says Marguerite. “I worked for HSBC in the city (they only had one branch back then) but I had to leave when I had my children; of course there was no maternity leave back in the 50s! Then I did some clerical work for Legal & General before I retired. Really, though, I’m so lucky to be here – I just love it. There are loads of social gatherings to get involved in, I love playing bowls and croquet in the summer, and for just £1 we can take a trip to the seaside for a nice walk on the prom. And shopping is so easy; hop on the bus and when you get back the porters carry your bags in for you!”
Living in the Quadrangle means there are no cooking facilities (meals are eaten in the lovely dining room), but Marguerite has a kettle, toaster, fridge and microwave for the little niceties. “If I’m not well, food will be brought to me here in the flat,” she explains, “and my laundry is done once a week. Everything is taken care of – it’s just brilliant, and I’m so fortunate to be here.”