Coronavirus Updates

Covid-19 Business Statement from our CEO, David Rutherford-Jones

18th June 2020

MC-Team-David-RJMorden College continues to closely monitor the evolution of the Coronavirus situation and we are regularly updating staff on the necessary precautions to take.

The College has continued to operate effectively and provide services to its vulnerable residents throughout the crisis, and lockdown measures have been put in place to minimise the risk of Coronavirus on site.

Our cleaning and hygiene protocols are extremely rigorous. All of our high volume touch point areas – such as handrails and telephones – are sanitised regularly and all visitors are required to wear masks. Visitors must also have their temperature taken before entering any of our sites. Where possible we have arranged for staff to work from home and to self-quarantine where required.

Advice given by the World Health Organisation, Public Health England and HM Government has been monitored closely throughout this period and we continue to be led by the latest guidance.

The College has as such established new working arrangements as per the Government’s Coronavirus guidelines on safe working. These arrangements are designed to keep staff as safe as possible, ensuring they can maintain a two-metre distance from others and access hand washing facilities and hand sanitisers.

Where two metre distancing is not possible, for example when administering personal care, staff have been provided with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment and have been advised to work side by side where possible. Where practicable, teams of workers (cohorts) are being kept together. In instances when face-to-face contact is essential, this time is kept to a minimum.

Risk assessments for all areas of the College are being carried out by managers, in consultation with individual staff and the Health and Safety team. Staff have been kept abreast of the new measures, the risks and how to mitigate them through posters, newsletters and training.

Visitors please note:
We require that every visitor, including contractors and agency staff, adheres to our College rules. In particular, all visitors must:

  • Wear a face mask at all the times on our sites
  • Have their temperature checked by our staff on arrival
  • Maintain social distance of two meters
  • Except care staff every visitor must take every step please to avoid our residents.

The College will continue to monitor the Government guidance and will provide our employees, residents and visitors with a safe and healthy working environment. We will of course keep you updated as the situation evolves.